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CUIC 8.5 and "Agent State Real Time Graph"-Problem

Hello together,

since launching our new telephony-enviromnent at the end of march, we have a big problem with one special report in CUIC.

The report "Agent State Real Time Graph" from the UCCE 7.5 reports tab is showing a pie-chart of the status of selected agents.

This report is shown on a public screen. Unfortunaly does the color of the state change whenever the CUIC refreshes the report.

That is causing confusion in our agent teams, becaus everytime you look at the screen, first you have to have a look at the description which color represents which kind of state or you are seeng the pie but not the description because of the distace to the screen.

After the next refresh the link between color and state could have been changed again.

Is there ANY possibility to fix this so that one color of the chart always represents the same agent state?

Or is there a 3rd party Software that can be used to show a pie chart with agents states of a defined group of agents ?

Does nobody have the same need and problem?

For clarification I add two screenshots, showing this problem.



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