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cuic install -- reverse dns lookup failed


I am in the process of a fresh CUIC 8.0(3) installation.

I have properly configured the hostname, ip address, mask, gateway, domain name, NTP servers, DNS servers. I have skipped the SMTP config for later.

DNS entry was manually added to the DNS servers.

If I ping the hostname, the hostname is resolved by the DNS, and I get an echo reply.

If I ping "ping -a ip_address_of_cuic_server" (which is the reverse DNS lookup), it doesn't resolve.

The "Network Connectivity Check" is Failing with the following message:

Unable to resolve eth0 IP address into a host name (Reverse DNS lookup failed). The eth0 IP address of the DNS server may not be configured correctly. Do you wish to Retry, Review the configuration, Halt the install or Ignore the Networking error(s) and continue the Install?

I read that the SMTP uses reverse DNS lookup. Is it wise, in my case, to Ignore the Networking errors and to continue the installation?




cuic install -- reverse dns lookup failed

Hi Justine,

While adding the hostname entry inthe DNS server, did you check the Reverse Lookup? If not please recreate the hostname one more time by checking this.

You can cross verify the same as you mentioned above.

Hope it helps.



cuic install -- reverse dns lookup failed

Granted I am using Windows 2003 Server for DNS in my lab but the check box on this system is labeled 'Create associated pointer (PTR) record'. May be different on Win2k8.

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Hi Justine, Did you get a

Hi Justine,


Did you get a solution to this issue ? I am also facing the same issue and the answers here are not helping. 

I have added a host file in the DNS server (Win2k8) under 'Forward lookup zones' and 'Reverse lookup zones' with all the info required but still seeing the failure in the CUIC installation with the exact same error message.

Please help.

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