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CUIC Scheduler user access issue

This one has me stumped.  


We recently finished an upgrade for a client that included a transition to a new virtual environment.  I built out two  9.1.1 clusters, and did a disaster recovery restore from the old prod systems into the new prod system.  After much foul language we got everything working, except an issue with runnihg scheduled reports.


 If a superuser makes an edit to the report, like changing the scheluded run time, a normal level user can no longer make a change to the report.  The superuser has to then delete the report, and the user recreate it.  Even with the new reports, if the superuser makes a change, it locks out the user.


This is CUIC 9.1.1, and I am not seeing anything strange in the web interface.  My CUIC fu is weak here, so any help would be greatly appreciated


I think I read some bug

I think I read some bug around this subject, I would go straigh to TAC to get your answer.



I see this behavior in CUIC 8

I see this behavior in CUIC 8.5 as well. The workaround is for the superuser to do a "Run As" (from Security -> User List) as the user who made the schedule, then edit the schedule from there. The schedule will then stay owned by that user instead of the superuser.


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This is just an FYI for

This is just an FYI for anyone that has the same issue.  Turns out this was a bug, and we are now waiting for a patch to be developed.  The bug ID is CSCuq54592CSCuq54592 - "Scheduled rep permissions lost if other user with enough permission edits it".  


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