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Cisco Employee

CUIS Deployment with ICM 7.2 and CVP 4.x

In a geographically distributed Unified 7.2 CCE scenario with CVP 4.x we want to deploy CUIS with one CVP Reporting server.

In CVP 7.x SRND under CVP Reporting Component section; it’s mention that “The Reporting Server must be local to the Call Server(s) and Unified CVP VXML Server(s) that it is servicing; deploying the Reporting Server at a remote location across the WAN is not supported”.

I need to know if this limitation / requirement also applies to CVP 4.x? And the word “supported” mean here are just related to TAC support (that the TAC will not support it) or will it do any potential impact on CUIS deployment?

Will appreciate your support in this regard.

Thank you,


Re: CUIS Deployment with ICM 7.2 and CVP 4.x

The general thought is that if it's a limitation on a later release it was a limitation

on an earlier release.  That being said, yes it needs to be local.


Cisco Employee

Re: CUIS Deployment with ICM 7.2 and CVP 4.x

Is this mentioned in CVP 4.x SRND or any other CVP 4.x document available? I tried to find this info in SRND but could found it therefore its seems difficult to argue with customer whether it's a must to have a local CVP Reporting server or no.

Re: CUIS Deployment with ICM 7.2 and CVP 4.x

You're right, I could not find it in the CVP 4 SRND either, however I will still stick with making it local.  I am sure this is an oversight from Cisco as to not included that verbiage in the SRND.  More than likely the reporting and call server are very "chatty" applications which can take up a significant amount of bandwidth, having them in a disperse configuration might not be a good idea.


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