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Custom reporting for UCCX 7

Hello there,

I am looking for easier ways to generate custom reports for UCCX 7, I am asking incase I go away an spend heaps of time programming stored procedures and crytal reports if there is a report pack out there or some documentation to make it a bit easier.

Our call center team leader is asking for reports to be written for the system or modification of existing reports as the ones included are either too crowded with information or do not display what we actually want.

As an example, there is a report called ‘Agent Not Ready Reason Code Summary Report’, this report lists some not ready codes such as 32756 etc.. (i.e. Pre-defined system codes), however we want to list our own not ready codes as well as remove some of the system ones from the report as we don’t really want them there.

Another example is the Agent state details report, one of the columns is 'Reason Code', this is fine, however it would be nice to have a summary at the end of the report for a total count of each not ready code (with the not ready code name not just the code).

Is there anyone out there who has written/customised reports for UCCX or know where I can find some more documentation? I have searched around but not found anything, Cisco TAC have said that they only deal with the connection of Crystal Reports to UCCX, the coding itself and help with regards to that you are basically on your own with.


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Re: Custom reporting for UCCX 7


There are other ways of reporting, but you are still on your own with it unless you find someone who writes a package. I'm not aware of any...

Re your specific queries though:

‘Agent Not Ready Reason Code Summary Report’ - when running the report, you can go to the 'detailed' tab, and on that tab you can select 'Reason Code' as a filter and pick the codes you are interested in.

Also that same report shows the summary (i.e. totals) of the time in those reason codes doesn't it? So that's what you wanted to see on the other report?

Final point (and this is a common one that comes up) is that for some reason the 'reason' codes only appear as numbers in the DB. There are no lookup tables where you can link them to names for reporting. This basically means the best you can do is to edit the Crystal templates so that the static table listing the codes at the top of the report has the codes you have configured. Obviously this isn't dynamic, but it is easy as far as Crystal goes...

Hope this helps


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Re: Custom reporting for UCCX 7


our customers used to have similar pains, reports either too crowded or not showing useful information or they just wanted to see information from several reports combined into one. What we did was: step one> installed a custom reporting system - I personally recommend BIRT (, but there is a plethora of such applications, you might want to conduct a little reserarch (, step two> hired a SQL programmer, step three> tried to catch all the possible situations/scenarios in the call center. It took about a week to create all the reports our customer needed.

This applies to UCCE, but I once studied the UCCX database schema for a day or two and it is much simpler than the UCCE/ICM schema.

Good luck.


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