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Custom Reports in CUCX 5.0(SR2) Outbound call tracking

We are running CUCX version 5.0 SR2 and are trying to create a report that maps outgoing calls to agents (people making the call). Currently, the canned reports are showing everytime someone picks up a phone and dials any number, that is an outbound call.  This is being reported even if the number dialed is a 4 digit extension. This is throwing off our reporting. We are trying to find in the database all calls that are >= 7 digit dialed numbers and map those calls to specific agents. We only want calls that are made to numbers outside our building.

However, the system does not seem to be correlating a particular call with a  ”Resource” when that call is made to an outside line. Only calls to extensions for our building are being saved. This process seems to involve three tables in the system:

ContactCallDetail, which logs every call

Resource, which contains information about personnel

AgentConnectionDetail, which should link each call to a person.

All calls made appear to be saved properly in the ContactCallDetail table, however only calls made to internal extensions are saved in AgentConnectionDetail. Because of this, we do not seem to be able to link a particular call from an external number to whoever dialed that call.

Is there something we are missing here?  Can someone provide a suggestion on how to track only calls that leave the building?

Thanks for any info.


Re: Custom Reports in CUCX 5.0(SR2) Outbound call tracking

Hi Steve,

From memory, I think you can just use ContactCallDetail and Resource. Just look for calls where originatorType = 1 (for agent) and originatorID = resourceID of the agent. So your where clause would look something like:


originatorType = 1 AND

originatorID = resourceID of the agent AND

LEN(destinationDN) > 7

Hope that helps.



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