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Custom Wallboard App Question


I am currently in the process of developing a custom wallboard for IPCC Express 4.x for a customer of mine. I am aware of the wallboard apps that are floating around the internet for IPCC express, but unfortunately none of the ones I've seen will fulfill the customer requirements. Here is the information that the customer wants in the wallboard:

1. List all logged in agents (no problem getting this info from the CRS DB)

2. Agent State: what is the agent doing. If on all call, is the call inbound or outbound, and is it from within the organization or from/to an outside number.

3. If on a call, the caller ID info.

4. Time that the agent has been in current state

I know that all of this info is contained within the CRS db, but the issue is that all of this info needs to be presented in real time. As I discovered, only the two real time tables are updated in real time. Most of the data I need is not contained in the real time tables, though.

Is there a way for me to grab this data in realtime? Is there an API available that would allow me to grab this info in realtime? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Custom Wallboard App Question

I need the same information. I am trying to develop a custom wallboard application as well. It seems that my call to the stored procedure sp_agent_state_detail has a minute lag. Is there a document that explains what sprocs to use?

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Re: Custom Wallboard App Question

I want to do the same any luck with your query. But i want to do it with .net and we have cm 5 which is in linux. can u please help me

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Re: Custom Wallboard App Question

Try hitting FCRasStateLogToday.

You need to pull a subquery with max state stop times, etc. Then roll up by dcAgentID.

Did you also account for the Unix Time Stamp?

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