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Customer calls miss first couple seconds of VXML prompt (UCCE CVP)

Customer is running UCCE with a VXML gateway that has a CUBE in front of it. 


The VXML prompts start to play before the CUBE sets up the audio, so once the audio comes in the end user has missed the first 1-2 words.  Normally I tell the customer to start record the prompts with a 2 second delay before speaking.


Any ideas why the CUBE/VXML audio isn’t cutting thru fast enough? Thinking I need to gather a debug ccsip messages on cube/vxml.  They are using Early Offer as well to VXML.




Any chance it's a caching

Any chance it's a caching issue? Perhaps the cache is set to expire immediately and the delay you hear is the prompt uploading to the gateway.



Customer has their audio

Customer has their audio files setup with no lead-in silence (0ms). I’ve seen vague references that 100-500ms is a good best practice. Does anyone have any definitive references or experience as to what the Best Practice for lead in silence should be?

BTW packet capture (and rtp playout with wireshark) on the CUBE proved the audio was being sent to the carrier but is being truncated in the Carrier Network.

I found out that that the audio was heard fine dialing a DID (eg 904-491-4444) but if you dialed the Toll Free number 800-553-2447 that is mapped to 904-491-4444 only then was the first prompt was being cutoff.  Sort of lead me to believe the carrier/pstn was the culprit.

I’ve seen this problem with Auto Attendants in Unity and Scripts in UCCX.  I recommend two seconds silent pause myself.

My rule of thumb is that first word chopoff is worse on international calls. Always seems that you get the first 1-2 seconds chopped off an international call.

By any chance the VAD is

By any chance the VAD is enabled in the Path?

that may contribute to this problem.




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