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CVP 4.1 install hangs

I am doing a new insall of cvp v4.1 (Need the H323 side so I can get away from CCM 4.1 to someline like CUCM 6.1)... anyway, when I do the install, Select all the options, put the database on the F drive, as 10 gigs for the reporting server... The install seems to get to what would be considered 100% but it just sits there. Been that way for over a day now. Any Ideas? I am using CCM MCS 7845 with ciscos 2003 os.


Re: CVP 4.1 install hangs

Yes, I have seen this with 4.0. It drove me crazy last year when I was building a rack for display at Networkers, and I could never install the Reporting Server. I can't tell you how many times I tried this - it was on a dedicated box. Had to skip it.

Other installs of the Reporting Server (even on laptops) seemed to work and I could never figure what was wrong.

If I were you, I would change the install to omit the Reporting Server and get on with your configuration etc. Maybe you can find a second box for your Reporting Server; or even come back later and try to add the Reporting Server.

I'm not that impressed by the Reporting Server anyway.



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