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CVP 7.0(2) web service element, is it compatible with WCF

I'm looking for documentation on the Web Service element in CVP 7.0(2).

The element specs guide for 7.0 doesn't have any thing on it only the 8.0 guide, what does this mean.

Should I just build something Java?

I will be using it with microsoft WCF to pass dialer-voicemail call results to our inhouse database, any advise?

I know that it is compatible with WSDL or SOAP models but I would like to see usage samples, etc.



Re: CVP 7.0(2) web service element, is it compatible with WCF

I am sure the element specs for CVP 8.0 which describe the Web Service Element are applicable to 7.x. Cisco had not updated that document since 2008 and then it was an Audium document with no Cisco changes. So I think that what you read here about the three "technologies" it can talk to is accurate.

There is probably more discussion on the use of this element at the CVP Developer's forum.

I've always rolled my own with Web service calls - using Apache HTTP Client as the transport and JAXB for the parsing and marshaling, but this is because I tackled this problem at CVP 3.0, when there was no Web service element. So I developed an architecture and stayed with it. But I would like to explore the built-in WS element.

Some samples would be good.



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