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CVP 8.5 - CUBE mid-call negotiation


We have a setup that contains 4 CUBE, 4 CVP servers and 6 VXML gateways. There is two sites, each site has 2 CUBE, 2 CVP and 3 VXML. All of our agents are in a seperate sites connected via wan to these two datacenters.

All inbound calls are received to CUBE via SIP trunk connected with service provider as G711ulaw codec. I was reading that CVP supports mixed codec, so that calls to VXML gateway will use G711ulaw, and when the call is transfered to Agent it can be G729.

How is mid-call negotiation works? what is exactly needed to be configured so that Agent can receive G729 codec call.

Currently we have setup the region between the CVP trunk and Agent to be G729, in this scenario the Agent chooses a transcoder and the call received using G729. But the issue there we have two Datacenter's, if the call is received from CUBE site1 then sometimes Agent MRG chooses transcoder located in site2 and the call flow is like that:

ITSP---CUBE(Site1)----G711 over WAN----Transcoder(site2)------G729----Agent.

I have also enabled transcoding in CUBE localy, but not sure how we can use it for mid-call negotiation.

I need your advice so that the Call is transcoded localy from the site call is received.

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CVP 8.5 - CUBE mid-call negotiation

What version of IOS are you running on CUBE? I think mid call codec negotiation was added in version 15.1.2T so make sure you have that version, make sure your dial peers are using codec class that supports both codecs, not much more to it assuming your regions in CUCM are configured properly.



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