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CVP Call Studio Database Element

Hi all,

I got the below error when I tried to use the Database element in CVP Call Studio to connect to a MSSQL database.

touch111_24-7_Database,07/08/2014 13:52:31.724, The error was: A built-in element encountered an exception of type com.audium.server.AudiumException. There was a problem looking up the JNDI data source 'ivr1'. The root cause was: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name ivr1 is not bound in this Context.

I have added the below to the context.xml file :


In the Database element settings in Call Studio, I put ivr1 in the JNDI Name field.

Can someone help me to know what could be causing this error to appear?

Thank you in advance.



change jndi name in call

change jndi name in call studio from "ivr1" to "jdbc/ivr1"

and check if it is working or not.




New Member

Hi team,

Hi team,

Manually this to be added under "Resource" tab...?


Ritesh Desai

Hi Ritesh,

Hi Ritesh,

Please elaborate more.



New Member

Hi Chintan,

Hi Chintan,

Am looking for this solution URL:

I have client requirement, client will be sharing us store procedure which will return me Language of the customers calling from the ANI. Am doing Research on it. Also, I have to transfer to Language based Skill groups.


Ritesh Desai.

Hi Ritesh,

Hi Ritesh,

you can setup db lookup in 2 ways.

1. in ICM, you can do db lookup in ICM script.

2. in CVP VXML application

if you opt to do that with cvp, you have to first configure JNDI.

there many documents available on internet on how to configure JNDI for VXML server.

once the JNDI is setup, you can use that in your DB element in VXML application for the lookup.

Hi Chintan,

Hi Chintan,

I'm having similar problem. I did change the jdbc name as you suggested but still no difference. Any other suggestions?

This is the first time I'm configuring Database element, so I'm pretty new with configuring JNDI/JDBC. But I did go through the CVP document and configured the JNDI as suggested.

I would appreciate your inputs on this.

Did you try restarting VXML

Did you try restarting VXML server service after updating the context.xml?

And also please disregard my previous comment.

If the resource name in context file is defined as jdbc/ivr1 then the use "ivr1" as your JNDI name in database element.

Thanks for the quick reply

Thanks for the quick reply Chintan. I got it working. The problem was with JDBC driver. I replace the existing one with sqljdbc4.jar.

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