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CVP calls in queue doesnt drop

Hi Guys,

We currently facing a problem with CVP 3.1 SR(2), callers hanging up in queue dont disconnect and result in reserving agent without a call.

Ihe Network VRU script is interruptible with timeout of 180 secs.

Any other suggestions other than this?



Re: CVP calls in queue doesnt drop

The interruptible setting is so the system can interrupt the script and transfer the call to the chosen agent. Does not have much to do with your problem.

Did this just start happening or are you trying this for the first time?

Is this a simple Play Media microapp with Interruptible checked and Overridable unchecked?



Community Member

Re: CVP calls in queue doesnt drop

Thanks for you response Geoff,

Its not happenening for the first time, from tcd records we could see a lot calls being disposed as silence by the agents.

After looking through the CVP logs we found out that while calls are in queue and callers hang up the agent still gets reserved and gets the screen pop.

Can you suggest ?

Community Member

Re: CVP calls in queue doesnt drop

I probably not being helpful here but I can toss in my 1 cent....

I know there is a bug in 3.1 that deals with port issues, not being released. I do not know if this is what you are hitting, but the fix for that one is upgrading to 4. Which is not what I wanted to hear when I ran out of ports...

This almost sounds like a call control issue, on the gateway side not passing all the data needed to gatekeeper/cvp. What version of ios are you running on the gateway, there was an error on the last bom that listed a buggie ios version. I not sure if cisco updated it or not, but it caused me lots of greif with call control.

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