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CVP Dial-plan DNIS length question...


I'm looking to change the DNIS length in CVP from 4 digits to 9 (or 10) digits.  Here is some detail about the environment...

CVP 7.0.2

ICM 7.5.8

VRU type 10

Here is the scenario...

We have a 'traditional' call center setup.  800 service from the carrier provides a 4 digit DNIS to our ingress/vxml gateways.  These calls get CVP treatment and eventually get routed via ICM to one of our call centers (Avaya).  The VRU leg has a 4 digit label, the 'maximum length of dnis' in Ops console is 4 digits and the voice browser 'list of transfer labels' is set to the VRU leg label.

All the above works great...

Now we have a project to add smaller sites to our ICM/CVP environment.  So, the new calls will not come in via 800 service; they will come in through a local GW and local pots line.  We have added the CVP tcl scripts to the local GW's and everything works fine 'IF' we use a 4-digit DNIS.

The problem is that we want to use a 9-digit DNIS from these sites (lots of sites), but still use a 4 digit DNIS from the 800 carrier.

So I guess I have two questions...

1)  Is this possible (to have a DNIS range between 4-9 digits).

2)  Any direction on the config changes would be nice (some are obvious, but I'm sure that I'd miss something)

Thanks for the help and insight!


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Re: CVP Dial-plan DNIS length question...

Obviously H.323.

You have it covered - really quite straightforward.

Rather than obey the 4 digit - or whatever - DNIS from the carrier, I now tend to add translation rules to the POTS dial peers to bring them up to something I can handle - say 10 digits. The voip dial peers then catch these numbers. When building a big branch office that enables the insert of a branch code - which can useful, even if not using sig digits. It also avoids a problem if two different gateways somewhere get the same 4 digit DNIS coming up.

Better to be uniform and solve this with trans rules in the gateways.



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Re: CVP Dial-plan DNIS length question...


Thanks for the quick response.  I get what you're saying about adding the translation rule to the GW.  This would work slick.  The problem we would have is that we have approx 2000 4-digit DNIS that come into our ICM today.  That would mean we'd have to do a lot of config/scripting to account for all the DN's changing from 4 to 9 digits.  Is there a way around that?




Re: CVP Dial-plan DNIS length question...

You can edit those Dialed Numbers with the bulk edit tool by exporting, changing them through Excel with a formula, and reimporting.

The scripting will automatically change if you have used the DN node on the routing client. If you have done this through a call object then you will have to edit manually. The FIND tool in Script Editor will help.

When making these big changes, you do want to find the most efficient means. But having to do big changes should not stop you in a rearchitecting effort that takes you to the desired place. Sometimes you have to take your lumps.



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