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I have 2 simple issues that I need to address.

1)  When I get a call from CVP it shows up as "From CVP" and Caller ID.  Some sites have had this changed to Inbound call.  Where do you change that?

2) Calls show up as 81xxxxxxx in missed calls and received calls.  I can not find this.... looked in trans patterns and routing.  Looked all over where else can it be?  It seems to be an issue when calls are xferred out of cvp into cucm and to CVP and is screwing up ani lookup app.

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CVP Help

I'm not completely sure what you mean by "it shows up as "From CVP" and Caller ID". Where does it show up?

If you are talking about "--CVP"

"--CVP" is in the survivability.tcl on the gateway.

    # CVP needs somthing to indicate that the call it is receiving was initiated from

    # this script.  displayInfo was one place to 'hide' an indicator.  However,

    # when ani is blank, displayInfo cannot be set. Therefore when ANI is blank

    # set the usrDstAddr to a dummy indicator value (777#1212121212) for CVP.

    # CVP in turn will simply strip the value from the incoming setup.  The only

    # possible drawbackis that the ARQ sent to the GK from this script will

    # contain this dummy value as a secondary e164 id.

    if {$ani == ""} {

        set callInfo(usrDstAddr,0) "e164=777#1212121212"

    } else {

        set callInfo(usrDstAddr,0) "e164="


    set saveDisplay [infotag get leg_display_info]

    set tmpDisplay $saveDisplay

    append tmpDisplay "--CVP"

    set callInfo(displayInfo) $tmpDisplay

2. How are you handling your CUCM-originated calls? Is 8111111111 the vru transfer label on both CVP AND CUCM routing clients?



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