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CVP Labels & CTI route point

I m observing that whenever I dial a  5 digit route point from my contact center phone , I see a label ( something like 1111111111XXXX) displayed on my phone. I hear the CVP queue message & finally my call is transferred to the appropriate agent. The issue is I don't get to see the actual agent's phone on my display.

This is resulting in calls being marked as "Outbound" from my phone as opposed to "Internal" since all I m doing is dialling a route point to connected to another contact center phone.  We are on CUCM 6.1 with TAPI integration on Nice Call Recording (Perform R3.1). The issue is specific to the treatment of calls within Nice. I m wondering how TAPI is sending that label to Nice ? Is there something we can do to prevent this ?


Re: CVP Labels & CTI route point

When you dial the route point it starts an ICM script, and the first node is a "Send To VRU" node.

This returns the label (1111111111) on the Network VRU configured against the appropriate routing client (in your case, CUCM) for the customer on the dialed number (the route point) with the correlation ID appended.

Typically this matches a route pattern in CUCM that sends the call to your Proxy servers, and the Proxy server finds a CVP. (Assuming SIP). CVP now finds a gateway to queue the call while the Call Router looks for an agent.

You cannot change any of this.

I did not realize that when the call is delivered to an agent that the originating IP phone does not see the target, but it doesn't surprise me.

It's nothing to to with TAPI and Nice.

I don't know how you can encourage ICM to mark it as internal. One thing that may work is to create a DNP entry that is the same s your route point, mapping to a slightly different DN (for clarity) that runs the same script. ICM "may" consider a call to a DNP as starting an Internal sequence. I have not tried this.



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Re: CVP Labels & CTI route point

Thanks Geoff. I did figure out the Network VRU label part. Its indeed

pointing to my CUPS. But what I don't understand is why a label that is internal to CVP being sent over to my Nice recording system.

What happens is Nice treats this label with the correlation ID as a target device.

The effect on Nice is the call being treated as an outbound call , as opposed to an internal call between two agents. Also is there a way for the originating IP phone to display the target.

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