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CVP licensing clarification

Hi All,

i have some doubts concerning cvp licensing:

1)in the CCBU guide it's mentioned that the CVP 7.0 Port License is used either for self service or for queuing what it's the difference between the two?

2)in case of cvp comprehensive deployment without complex ivr treatment, how are the cvp licenses used?

3)when icm is used for call queuing will a CVP 7.0 Port License be used?

thanks for your feedback,


Re: CVP licensing clarification

Don't confuse actual port usage with the way you are required to buy licenses for this product.

The only licence you really buy is for the CVP VXML (ex Audium) ports and the Call Server port licences are supplied with the Call Server server licence (you will get 1000 of those per server).

Normally, your application in the IVR (menu system, entering account number etc.) would be constructed using CVP Studio and deployed to the CVP VXML server, and this would use actual VXML ports. Queuing is done with microapps and would not.

But you could decide to build your menu system in microapps and not use any CVP VXML ports at all.

However, you are obliged to buy the number of CVP VXML ports able to supply call treatment and queuing as calculated using the IVR port calculation tool or the CVP calculation tool, irrespective of the actual mechanics.

You would need your BHCA figures, time estimates in the self-service application, number of agents and so on. The input and output of the tool would be supplied as part of the A2Q process and Cisco will check the number of ports in your BOM against these calculations.

Call Server ports are effectively free. They are checked in and out by the system, but Cisco give you more than a server is allowed to handle through the capacity limits stated in the SRND - so this part does not play into the operation of the system.

So, for the purposes of licencing, consider that a CVP VXML port is used for any treatment and any queuing - even if not actually so. Then apply redundant port licences of an equal number.



Community Member

Re: CVP licensing clarification

Thanks Geoff for the clarification.I also referred to the srnd and it gave full explanation on how to size the cvp deployment.


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