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CVP Microapp to capture invalid DTMF?

ICM 7.2.4

CVP 4.0.1 SR1

If all agents r busy we use 'GD,agentsbusy-prompt' microapp to announce that 'all agents r busy, to leave a VM press 1', on press 1 we use a CED 1 to send a label (which is our VM no) back to CVP for the call to be fwded to VM.

All works fine if we press 1 - but if we press 2 or some thing else or if we do not press anything - the call gets disconnected. Normal behavious - as we do not capture anything other that CED 1 in the CED node, but we want to capture and treat invalid entries.

Can we do that? How?

Would we have to use M,<prompt> microapp instead.

I tried adding more than one Case to the CED node to add Cases 0-9 and DTMF 0-9 corresponding to each case, but the CED node does not allow me to add more than one case.

What could be the solution?

Thanks & Regatds,



Re: CVP Microapp to capture invalid DTMF?

Why are you finding this difficult? You have your GD set to 1,1 just to get one character, don't you?

You only need the one entry in your CED table - the 1. Otherwise, the X port just continues with the queue.

You do need to deal with the retries however.

Configure the microapp to have 1 retry only for invalid entry (hard for a caller to trigger) and 1 retry for no entry - this is the one that interests you.

Specify that you want to override the default message for no entry ("please make a selection") and follow the advice in the guide on the naming convention. Make this file contain (say) a quarter of a second of silence.

Branch out of the X port of the GD microapp and check the ECC variable for the CVP error. If it's 16 or 17 (can't recall which is which) it indicates a time out and just send that back to the queue.

If it's not that, it's a real CVP error and you deal with it in the normal way.

In summary:

(a) if the user enters 1, send them to Unity

(b) if the user enters any other key, it comes out the success port of the Run Ext Script but out the X port of the CED and you keep them in the queue

(c) if the caller makes no entry, the microapp plays your custom _no_entry_error.wav which is just silence and the "call" comes out the X port of the Run Ext Script. You check the ECC error variable and if it indicates no entry, keep them queued.



Re: CVP Microapp to capture invalid DTMF?

The above will solve your problem, I just wanted to point out that the CED node doe have a NONE option and you can make this a branch just like 1,1.


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