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CVP - Nuance Issue

I have custom dictionaries in the Nuance server that need to be used during TTS

playback from CVP. I have already built the dictionary in RealSpeak.How should the CVP Script be written so we can use the custom dictionaries in Nuance.

I have opened a case with Nuance, and Nuance says that the MRCP client needs to send vendor specific parameters as a part of the VXML script to be able to use the dictionaries. How do we configure this in CVP application?

This is what I got from Nuance:

SpeechWorks MediaServer supports the following vendor-specific parameters for

use with the RealSpeak TTS engine. The parameters load and unload dictionaries for use by the text-to-speech synthesizer:

- ssftrs_dict_load

- ssftrs_dict_unload

- ssftrs_dict_enable

- ssftrs_dict_disable

Dictionaries can be loaded and unloaded by including the parameters with a

comma separated list of the dictionaries.


Here's an example of a SET-PARAMS mrcp message being sent by the mrcp-client

side to SWMS requesting that a given dictionary (G://tts/dict1.bdc) be loaded

and enabled.






Any ideas on how to insert this in to my CVP script ?

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Re: CVP - Nuance Issue

You can use SSML tags in the string when you send it. Here is an example.

"This is a test."

I don't know why NetPro shows that with a line threw it. I quess it would screw up the website haha. Hopefully you can see it correctly.

and encasulate the string as a sentance and the lexicon tag tells the SWMS where to load the dictionary file from. You can use an HTTP URL as well if you want to store the files on a common server.

This worked for IPIVR. I assume it would work with CVP using Microapps or the VXML server. Like in CRS when you do a prompt step just include those tags in the string and when a word that is found in the dictionary matches what is in the string it will pronouce it the way you wrote it in the dictionary. Took me a week to get this out of Nuance.

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Re: CVP - Nuance Issue

OK so I guess the SSML tags get screwed up in NetPro because they are HTML/XML based so I attached the example to a txt file.

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