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CVP port design question/design tool


working on a CVP design for a customer that has two CVP deployments under their IPCCE - one CVP cluster

supports an ICM with 3rd party call centers.  The other supports IPCCE agents.  Our upgrade will

consolidate the CVP servers/ports into one common resource pool of ports/servers.

In the design tool, the only call attribute is the IVR treatment time (although when at the third party call

center, the agents do have talk time, wrap up time)

The IPCCE has IVR treatment time, agent talk time, wrap up time, etc.

When I use the CVP tool, I ran several scenarios where I only modeled the ICM CVP which gave me

IVR treatment ports, gateway ports.  The IPCCE scenario gave me queue ports, treatment ports, gateway ports. 

I have also run a scenario where I account for the ICM and IPCCE and assumed an even split of the call

attributes (50% have the ICM call attributes, 50% have the IPCCE call attributes) in the CVP tool.

My question is when Im combining these two different call centers and call volumes, is it valid

to add the two different centers call volumes into one total call volume, and have the two call center

call attributes broke out in the sizing tool (50% with ICM calls, ivr treatment only, all other attributes

set to 0, 50% for the IPCCE agents with ivr treatment, agent talk time, wrap up time)

For the ICM, should I still account for agent talk time, wrap up time for its call flow sizing in the CVP design


Thanks for any input

Mike Kana

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