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CVP Post Call Survey (B2BUA is not configured with a Post Call Survey dialed number)


I've configured post call survey on a couple of sites before following this link Post call survey and all worked as expected however I'm trying to implement the same for a customer and no calls are being sent to the Post call survey script, initially I thought it was to do with the user.microapp.isPostCallSurveyEnabled flag but after a bit more digging it looks like th eissue is that CVP does not recognise the number as a post call survey enabled number.

I can see the following on the CVP call server logs every time I set the isPostCallSurvey flag to "Y"

320: X.X.X.X: Jan 24 2014 17:43:12.894 +0000: %CVP_8_5_SIP-3-SIP_ERROR_SNMP:  B2BUA is not configured with a Post Call Survey dialed number for [790830] .  Please add the Post Call Survey dialed number for this in-bound DN: [790830] . [id:5010]

I've deleted and re-added the Dialed number on CVP and made sure that the "enable post call survey for incoming calls" is ticked as well as specified a valid survey pattern (774000) for the number in question 790830

Calling the 774000 works just fine and sends me to the survey so I'm clueless onto what's going on, anybody have any ideas?

the CVP version is 8.5(1)



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CVP Post Call Survey (B2BUA is not configured with a Post Call S

Please check all your configuration again. may be Restart of CVP vxml service will slove this proble,.

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CVP Post Call Survey (B2BUA is not configured with a Post Call S

After further troubleshooting I noticed that the file under the C:/Cisco/CVP/conf/ folder was not getting populated with the survey numbers after pressing the deploy button so I manually added the mapping between the Dialed number Patterns and the Survey Number, saved the file and restarted the server, that did the trick.

for future reference if somebody has this issue all they need to do is to:

  1. edit the file,
  2. search for SIP.PostCallSurvey.DN =
  3. add the numbers Dialed number to survey number mapping using comma as a separator and if you need to add multiple numbers separate them with ; for example if you want to map the dialled numbers 1000 and 1002 to the survey number 5555 you will need to have the following:

SIP.PostCallSurvey.DN = 1000,5555;1002,5555;

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Thank you for posting the

Thank you for posting the solution.



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