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CVP - send to originator


Running CVP 4.0 in comprehensive mode. I am trying to "send to originator" feature whereby calls gets send to the originating gateway for treatment. Firstly, from the Ops Console page, Call Server Config, you can enter Dialed Number patterns to achieve this. My question is what are these dialed numbers? And secondly, how how can i test that this is working correctly?

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Re: CVP - send to originator

You shouldnt need the DN in CVP. Utilize the setTransferLabel in VB administrator. Detailed steps are in CVP Admin guide.


Re: CVP - send to originator


That's true for H.323 - but not for SIP.

One of the easiest way to test the SIP function of "send to originator" is to remove the static route (in your Call Server or in your SIP Proxy server) for the transfer label - typically 8111111111.

The setting for this would be something like "8111111111>" in the dialed number box.

If you have two ingress gateways then it's going to be simple to test.

Watch your gateways to see where the incoming call arrives and see where the VXML leg starts. With the 2 static routes required in place, the VXML leg is going to alternate between the gateways. With "set to originator" configured and no static routes, it is always forced back to the ingress gateway. Exactly what you need in a distributed branch-office design.

Pay attention to the online help in Call Server on this topic. It will explain how send to originator works, and where it cannot be used.

With H.323 and setTransferLabel you also have to configure setExcludeIPs, so your calls from CallManager for CVP treatment are not pushed back there - you would not want that. With SIP, send to originator takes care of that - check the online help.



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