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CVP- Standsalone

Hi All, We implemented CVP standalone solution model for a customer and we have successfully

transferred the call centre.The problem we are facing here, we have connected through to call

centre with 5 E1 lines ie 150 channels.

PABX used by customer is BPPTDL TAD 9 and there are using R2MF signalling.

When i am checking my Egress gateway E1 lines they are full occupied ie getting CAS-VOice for all channels ie 150 or nearto 140 channels.

But in call centre they are getting only 126 only,we checked by changing E1 lines and ports from gateway side and E1 cards in pabx side.

Still we have not resolved this problem.


Re: CVP- Standsalone

If the originating gateway fails, the following conditions apply to call disposition. Calls in progress are dropped. There is nothing that can be done to preserve these calls because the PSTN switch has lost the D-channel to all T1/E1 trunks on this gateway.

New calls are directed to a T1/E1 at an alternate gateway, provided the PSTN switch has its trunks and dial plan configured to do so. For the further description for the CVP and about its network design following URL may help you :

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Re: CVP- Standsalone

Hi didyap ...thanks for your reply... we analysed the E1 R2MF signaling for all the E1 channels in peak hour through debugging CAS for 10 minutes.For Some channels we have not received the Receive Backward clear message Rx BWD_CLEAR so the channels is able to take the new call. Moreover we cannot take the log from the BPL TADIRAN PABX end because it an old version model. We raised a tac and waiting for the reply.

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