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CVP Studio App - Run External Script fails after successful whisper



So I have an interesting issue. I have whisper configured and it works well, my problem starts when I send the call to a CVP Audium App after my whisper and Queue to Skill Group. 


So here is the flow 


ICM (Set Variables) --> Run Ext Script -->  CVP Studio Application (for Main Menu) --> when Done with menu return to ICM --> ICM --> Set Variables for Whisper --> Send to VRU for Whisper --> Queue to Skill Group --> (all agents busy) --> Success Path of Queue to Skill Group --> ICM Set Variables for Second CVP Studio App (used for Queue treatment) --> Run Ext Script --> Fails !!!


So basically my First CVP Studio App works well - plays the main menu, comes back to ICM to Queue to the Skill Group, since I set Whisper prior to Queue to Skill Group, if an agent answers Whisper kicks in and works just fine, but if all agents are busy, I want to go to a different CVP Studio App that i use for Queuing, but it fails at the Run Ext Script node. If I remove Whisper, my second CVP App works just fine. 


An interesting thing to note is that the first Main Menu App is a studio app, the Whisper is I guess a Microapp of sorts, and then after Whisper I am shifting back to a CVP Studio app for Queuing, I am not sure if you can use a Studio App, then Whisper and then back to a CVP studio app again. I am going to guess if i use Microapps after the whisper it might work, I am about to test this out, but any input or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance 




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looks like, some media server

looks like, some media server set variable issue.

the first run external script (main menu) will play application which is there on VXML server.

so you set media server variable which points to VXML server e.g. http://<vxml server>:7000/CVP


after that when it comes to play whisper, you once again overwrite media server variable.

in this case its just simple wav file so you directly fetch them from media server.

e.g. http://<media sever>/


and if no agents are available, it once again goes through queuing part, and this time you are once again running studio application deployed on CVP.

 but may be your media server variable is still set to actual media server,

you must have to change it and point it to VXML server, by putting one more set variable node in queuing part of script.


i have attached screenshot for how i do the same thing, you must have to form the path for you vxml application to play.

please share you script, i can look at that if you want.






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The media_server, locale, and

The media_server, locale, and app_media_lib variables that you set are used by both the Whisper Announcement and by your CVP app, but they need different values for each.

  • As Chintan said, for the CVP app you'll need media_server to be http://<vxml server>:7000/CVP ...
  • However, for the Whisper Announcement, you need media_sever to be http://<media sever>/ ...

Similarly, you need different values for app_media_lib for each case.  The problem is, you can't set to both values at once! When it comes time to play the Whisper, that's when the media_server, app_media_lib, and locale variables will be checked to build the HTTP request for the whisper announcement. There's also no way to set the values back to what Whisper needs fast enough when an Agent becomes ready.

As it stands, you're not going to have much luck having both the Whisper and the CVP App queuing working together. Either one will work, or the other will work, but not both. I suspect the reason your queuing CVP App isn't working is either due to the media_server or app_media_lib variable being set wrong.


If you want to use Whisper, you will be stuck with MicroApps for queuing.

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Chintan, Jameson, Thank you

Chintan, Jameson, 

Thank you again for your feedback. That is pretty much where it is.

like you mentioned, before i hit whisper, I set media_server to http://mediaserver:8080/ and also set my app lib path and such and off course whisper is happy and works, but when i come out of my QTSkill , i once again set my Media_Server to http://vxmlserver:7000/CVP so that the context path is reset for me to able to execute my next Audium app. I have gone as far as setting, Media_Server, app, locale, VXML Params, the whole 9 yards prior to entering my run ext script for the audium app. it does not work. And like you mentioned, I think once whisper kicks in (which kicks in regardless of whether the call was delivered to agent or all agents were busy and the call moved past the QT Skill group node, its just the way it is with whisper) it seems to interfere with the path beyond that point and despite forcing the path after whisper, no change in response. You may be right on that you cannot have both, and I am certainly starting to believe (looking at the logs) that it is either or, the only option I may have is to start using micro apps after whisper which i think might function after a whisper, but that sucks that I cannot use a Audium app after ! 

hi, if you mean to say

i am editing my previous comment.

one of them (whisper or queuing ) will work in this scenario, its not like you have configured whisper and that is why queuing is not working.

there might be some other problem why your external queuing application is failing.

whisper just kicks in when call gets delivered to agent, and if call is still in queue then you have to carefully look at path of the application which your are going to play.

but yes, only one will play at a time. e.g if queue is already executed then whisper will not work and if whisper works then what is need of queue?(as call is already delivered to agent)


it will be helpful if you post some CVP logs when calls in queue are failing ar RUN ext Script.




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