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CVP Voice Browser Error

Please clarify on below mention CVP error code:

1. ERROR INTERNAL: Cannot receive ReceivedOutECS in this CallState CWaitForOutOLCAck : DNIS = 24428

2. ERROR: Supplementary service invoked by Caller. This feature is not supported when call is in the transfered state

I seen this error on all CVP server log. Please clarify me on this. is it for normal call clearing or else any issue with this?

Community Member

Re: CVP Voice Browser Error

Neither message is good.

#1 indicates an H323 message sequencing issue.

#2 indicates that MTP resources are required.

What CVP release are you using?

Community Member

Re: CVP Voice Browser Error

Thanks Byron,

We are using CVP 3.1(2)

#1) indicates an H323 message sequencing issue. - Kindly let me know whether this message indicates normal call clearance or is that something related to critical issue.Kindly suggest me asap.


Krishna Mohan

Community Member

Re: CVP Voice Browser Error

For #1, typically this is NOT a benign message indicating normal call clearing. TAC would need to see a CVP log in order to be sure. When this type of error happens, you should see a verbose section in the log that dumps the call HISTORY for the call. In order to not overwhelm the logs, that HISTORY is printed only once every 24 hours, so you may have to go back to an older log to find the call HISTORY.

For #2, you would either need to:

- assign MTP resources on the GK trunk from CUCM into CVP


- upgrade to CVP 4.1 which removes the requirement for MTP.


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