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CVP without gatekeeper

We planned to migrate call center platforms to IPCC/CVP Enterprise and do a lab demo for end users. The IVR functions of CVP work greatly (through microapp), but when doing agent transfer, call is stuck. From CVP application server log, I can see the label (agent extension) is returned, but CVP doesn't where to send the call, giving "unable to transfer call to extension: 3001". In our lab configuration, we don't have gatekeeper which could help to identify CCM to send the call. Is it any way around to do agent transfer without gatekeeper? By the way, CVP/voice browser had been configured in CCM as H323 GW, but this obviously is not enough.

From CVP Configuration and administration guide, it has non-gatekeeper example, but it only shows gateway configuration, but no CVP configuration for CCM.



Re: CVP without gatekeeper

Does your voice gateway support the IOS image that includes a gatekeeper? We use this IOS image 2811s we use for remote training so we only have to carry one box. Works great.

Learning how to configure the gatekeeper for CVP is a most useful skill. ;-)

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Re: CVP without gatekeeper


So there is no way to do agent transfer without gatekeeper?

I only got a Cisco 1760 for this demo lab, so am not sure if it can do gatekeeper, will confirm.


Cisco Employee

Re: CVP without gatekeeper


CVP does always require a gatekeeper in order to do transfers. The only part of a CVP implementation where gatekeeper is optional is exactly the part you saw documented: calls coming in to the ingress gateway and being sent directly to CVP without a RAS lookup.

- Jeff W.

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