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CXX "Get Digit String"

I am tring to expand one of our scripts to give the caller a menu choice of 3 options. I have the script set to play the prompt, and can see how to use the "Get Digit String" to see if they press a "1", but I need the option for them to press "2" or "3". I am not sure if I need a single "Get Digit String", or multipule. Also, if it is a single, how do i tell it i want "1" to xfer a call, "2" play another prompt and wait for more digits (and even more fun - dump to the queue and when answered, do a screen pop on the Agent desktop) and finally "3" to dump into a queue.

I have been experimenting, but so far, no positive results.

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Re: CXX "Get Digit String"

If the caller is entering a single digit, it is more common to use the Menu step instead. This will allow you to add the matching conditions within the same step.

Get Digit String is typically used if you need to accept more than a single-digit entry; or, need to manipulate the callers input. In that scenario you use nested If or Match statements following the Get Digit String step to identify and/or manipulate the input.

In either scenario you simply add the needed steps within the matching condition. If you want it to transfer the call, add a Call Redirect or Call Consult Transfer step. If you want to play a prompt, add a Play Prompt step. If you want it to add the caller to a CSQ, add a Select Resource step.

To address your statement ""2" play another prompt and wait for more digits (and even more fun - dump to the queue and when answered, do a screen pop on the Agent desktop)": There are a lot of pieces to this:

First, as with any programming language, you need to be precise with what you want CCX to do. Either it is collecting digits or it isn't.

Second, you can certainly perform this digit collection inside the Queued branch of a Select Resource step. As long as all of the steps are interruptable (a parameter on media-related steps), the call will attempt to connect to an agent when one becomes available.

Lastly, passing the data to an agent is called Enterprise Data. This has been covered on the forum many times, including here:

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Re: CXX "Get Digit String"

Thanks for the quick response. I know that pushing data to the agent, such as screen pops, requires enterprise data stuff. I have not gotten to that point yet - Still working on getting the call flow working.

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