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Data in Call_Type_Real_Time resets to 0 if Progger(PG) restarts

Hi all,

I have the following situation. In UCCE 7.5.7, we wrote in house a web page(wallboard) with some statistics from dbo.Call_Type_Real_Time view/table.

The problem is: after we restart one of Proggers for test purposes the data from this view/table is set to 0.

I saw this in web-view help:

"Real-time Data Storage

ICM/IPCC Enterprise software stores real-time records in real-time database tables on the ICM Administrator Workstation (AW). Data is collected and updated continuously for 5-minute and 30-minute intervals. You can also select report update intervals (for displayed reports) in 15, 20, 30, or 60-second increments.

At the end of each 30-minute interval, the statistics are written to half-hour tables.

Real-time records do not accumulate in the real-time database tables in the way that historical records do. Each update overwrites the existing record.

Note: If there is a failover in the Peripheral Gateway (PG), the WebView real-time data is set to zero. The real-time data is built up again after the failover, if the PG supports reconstructing the real-time data from the switch".

I want to be able to extract data from this table/view even after Progger's failover. What do I have to configure for this? I have two Proggers with duplexed Generic PG for CUCM and IVR. Is it possible? Does this type of PG support "reconstructing the real-time data"? If not, what would be the proper solution? If the statistics are written to half-hour tables at the end of each 30-minute interval, what will happen with calls offered in the interval when one of Proggers were down and the real-time table was set to zero? I am thinking at this because I intend to extract the statistics from Call_Type_Half_Hour view if there is no solution for "reconstructing real-time data".

Thanks in advance,



Re: Data in Call_Type_Real_Time resets to 0 if Progger(PG) resta

Call Type statisitics should be maintained on a Central Controller level, not per PG so whatever fail-over you do on the PGs shouldn't matter. These Real Time values should be maintained and updated within Router memory. Since ICM Routers run in lockstep, I'd be highly surprised if you manage to reset this data by just stopping or otherwise making one Central Controller side unavailable.

When running an exit_router, which essentially kills both Routers at the same time, the real-time data does get lost and I don't think there's much you can do about that. From some quick tests I would say that the same is true for any historical data for that Half Hour. On a PG level (Skill Groups etc.), OPC can maintain this data in *.hst files, but I dont't hink the Router can do that.

So if are looking at Call Types and see all 0's after just 'disabling' one progger, you should be able to resolve that part. Has your AW been configured with the correct SideB Central Controller information so it can get it's real-time stream from the other progger?

You may also want to play around with rttest to see if the data is really gone after a fail-over from Router memory or just not readable from your AW. Here's an example from my lab.

C:\>rttest /cust ipcc
RTTEST Release , Build 23684
rttest: expr CallType.sales_ct.CallsRoutedToday
Result: (long) 1

rttest: exit_router

rttest: expr CallType.sales_ct.CallsRoutedToday
Result: (long) 0




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