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Data to Backup on an AW

ICM 6.0Sr4 in a redundant side a and side b configuration.

One of my AWs, which also hosts Webview and historical data is having a SCSI RAID problem that appears to be solved only by rebuilding the box. I am currently in the middle of a TAC case to determine if there is another course of action, but I'm feeling that a rebuild is in my future.

So, my question is--could anyone give me any advice as to what I need to save/backup from this box before a rebuild? Are there any documents that may point me in the right direction? I know that there are custom reports on this box--so does anyone know where these are stored?

Thanks for any advice.


Re: Data to Backup on an AW


In my opinion, you have to backup de hds database, if you have there all the historical data.

You have to save, too, the custom reports that you have made for Webview and their definition. You can save the 'wv' database (Webview database) in order to avoid some bad surprises.

Configuration database on AW is not necessary to backup, because it can be read from the logger.

You can save the 'Cisco Systems Inc' registry keys in order to have the correct confiuration data for you AW and Webview.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis


Re: Data to Backup on an AW

On your AW, Run the "ICMDBA" (start->run->icmdba) take the Backup of your HDS. You dont need to backup you AW DB as it is the same as the Logger DB.

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Zin Karzazi

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