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Database lookups or XML files to populate variables at script start??


My script needs to go out and read 6 variables depening on the "Called Number" variable in the "Get Call contact" step.

The called number represents a phone number for a location and the variables are specific script information for that location.

Assuming i have 250 locations and a concurrency of 30 - 40 calls a second, Is it more efficient to read the variables via a database lookup or out of an XML file?  i always felt all that disk reads would be bad and isn't memory consumed using XML? or is IPCC such a powerhouse that the answer is either way?

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Re: Database lookups or XML files to populate variables at scrip

The XML file consumes Java heap memory which is fixed at 256MB. Every copy of the script running (every call) causes the XML file to be loaded into the Document variable. As long as the data is in this variable, you're using up memory.

On the flip side, an ODBC connection requires network IO and requires the external database server to function properly.

It is probably a coin toss of which you like more: Java heap memory or ODBC and network IO.

If the information does not change frequently, my recommendation would be to try XML first. It reduces the points of failure and troubleshooting.

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Re: Database lookups or XML files to populate variables at scrip

I was on the fence with either or as well.  Unitl I talked to a Cisco Partner who relayed a story of the XML file getting corrupted and needed to be reloaded, breaking the entire application

I think fast database servers and GigE will do the job on a large scale.


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