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Definity "converse-on split" command in UCCX

Hi! I am trying to replicate a Definity vector that queues calls to agents logged into a hunt group. The hard part is that the vector has the "converse-on split" command which basically conferences in a separate IVR that can play prompts and except digits, all while the caller is stilled queued up for an agent. If an agent becomes available, it hangs up on the IVR and routes to the agent. If the IVR finishes before an agent frees up, the IVR hangs up and the vector script continues to flow and queue the call.

Anyway... is there a way to do this in a CRS scrpit? I know how to code my own IVR capabilities and prompts for a queued call withing a CRS script, but I cannot find any way to conference in another number or "split" the call to another system.




Re: Definity "converse-on split" command in UCCX


You can replicate that in UCCX as well.

1)After you queue the call you can then introduce the other line items in your script.

2)I have not done this but look inot consult transfer see if you can use that.

1st one I do all the time while customer is on hold get some survey, or give them hold time etc all of these are external programs.

Good luck

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