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Dequeue Step : call contact variable

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find a way to define a variable that will store the information of the call that is higher in the specific queue at that time. (I use call contact priority. the triggering contact may be placed in the queue but be lower priority).

I want to use that variable then in order to dequeue the top call and send it to another csq. I am sure that there is a way since the triggering contact is the default value and it can be changed...anyone that could help me please ?

New Member

Re: Dequeue Step : call contact variable

well, i guess the way to do what I want is to get the real time reporting statistics while in queue for each triggering contact since the script runs as an instance for each incomming call.

when the triggering contact is in top of the queue and the queue has more than a defined number of calls waiting, then it should be dequeued and sent to another team...

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