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Design Question

I have been asked to set up a directory enquires type operation

So a customer dials in on the main number looking for an internal users number , the agents picks up the call does a search for the number , the caller then has the number played out to them ,then they are transferred to the number

My method of implementing this is as follows

1) Customer dials main number

2) Agents picks up call

3) Customer request internal users number

4) Agents opens a web page which is linked to the directory and searches for the particular user,

5) When agents has found the number , they press the ?select button? on the web page which writes an XML file with the required extension number in it on to the ipcc server

6) Agents then transfers the call to a script that reads the xml file and plays the number using the generated prompt step to the customer then transfers the caller.

The above should work fine if there was only agent and only one call at a time, but in this scenario there are 10 agents all taking these types of calls , and if two agents write to the text file in quick succession I can?t guarantee the caller will get the correct number

Any suggestions on how to over come this


can any one suggest a better way of achieving this requirement?



Re: Design Question

Hum... interesting

I think you should try to use the SessionID for the name of the XML file. In that way, when the customer will be transfered to the script, the correct XML file will be picked based on the SessionID.

First, you need to pass the SessionID to the Agent Desktop as an Enterprise Variable and then you could open up the search webpage directly from the CAD. This way, you will be able to pass the SessionID as an argument.

My two cents !


New Member

Re: Design Question

good idea, makes sence as the session ID is always unique, but how do I get the web page to collect the session ID from CAD so I can enter it in to the XML file?

Thanks for your help

New Member

Re: Design Question

Can you just use Attendant Console here?


Re: Design Question

In CAD, you can create an action based on "Event ringing" or "Event answered". So, you just need to create an action that will automaticaly launch IE at each call. You will pass the URL and the SessionID as an argument to IE.

New Member

Re: Design Question

I think we are almost there but I won't be able to use the event answered to open a web page as not all calls will require the agent to do a user search,

the agent will need to open the web page them sevles when required,

I tested this quickly and I can capture the session ID and display it on CAD,

The tricky bit is getting the session ID from CAD when the agent opens the web page,

any ideas?


Re: Design Question

You can create a simple executable that take the SessionID as an argument and copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

This way, your agents just have to paste the SessionID into a field in the web page.

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Re: Design Question

If you have unity you may want to consider using a spell by name directory and take the agents out of the picture.

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