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desktop agent (v7) error resource device is off

I am trying to change the phone for one of my helpdesk reps.  We are switching him from a 7940 to a 7960.  All of the same lines are setup on both phones.  When he attempts to log into the desktop agent (v7) and use the new phone he gets an error stating resource device is off.  I've verified the new phone is associated with the rmjtapi user and that the IPCC extension is still correct.  Do I have to remove the 7940 from call manager before he can use the 7960?


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Re: desktop agent (v7) error resource device is off

Hi Tony,

1.Yes, under route plan report in call manager make sure is not more than one entry (which should be for 7960) and delete the entry with 7940 which eliminate the shared line

2. Make sure the user id associated with the 7960 MAC address

3. Make sure Allo control of device from CTI checked

4. Reset the phone from the call manager phone page and then try login



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I have a user that we are

I have a user that we are moving from a 7942 to a 9951 phone and getting the same error when trying to go to read mode. When I move them back to the 7942 it works fine but when I put them back to the 9951 I get the Resource's Device is off. We are on Call Manager 9.1 and Contact Center Express 9.0. Made sure all the settings are correct and the only issue is with the 9951 phone. If I use any other phone it works fine.

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mpence111, Were you able to



Were you able to resolve your issue with the 9951 phone?  We are moving from 7961 phones to 8841 phones, and are seeing the exact same CAD issues.  Additionally, we cannot get the BIB recording to work on the 8841.

TAC has been slow in it's response, and we're getting desperate for some resolution.



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