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Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

Hi, I have received a request to generate a complete CED input report at IVR. The Termination_Call_Detail table has a column 'CED' which records the last pressed CED by customer, but how can I get the full CED history?

Let me clear the issue, if a customer press '1>6>2' before he tear down the call, 'CED' column has the record of '2' only. But I want to get the record '1,6,2'.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

I have CVP 3.1, ICM 7.2(2) in my setup, any idea?

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Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

Your best option would be to script the ICM scripts with appropriate call types for each menu option, which would allow you to look at Webview and see how the calls were distributed.

Otherwise you're looking into developing some custome report from the historical tables based on the CED field.



Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

Hi, Thanks.

Yes i'm looking for some custom report from CED field at any table.

Yes i have your idea, define call types for each of the menu/sub-menu and I already have it, the best i can get is the utilization history of menus (i.e. call types).

But customer needs a report containing the CLI of customer with his CED history.

One more thing, can I do anything at CVP?

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Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise


I guess from the same table combination of following fields will give you the CED

RouterCallKeyDay, RouterCallKey, CED , CLI , CALLTypeID.

best regards


Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

Yes, i can get the CED but that's the last pressed one. How can I get full CED history a customer pressed?


Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

Is the menu application built with microapps or Cisco CVP Studio?

If it's being done with microapps you could concatenate the result at each step into a PV or ECC variable.

If it's being done with Cisco CVP VXML (ex Audium) then you can easily track the menu selection through the tree and pass it up to ICM in a FromExtVXML[] element and save it (again) in a PV or an ECC variable.



Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise


I'm using microapp 'GD' or 'CED Node' at script to collect CED at script.

Yes, I can concatenate the collected CEDs together until call is finished, but it will need lots of changes at all current running scripts, need to put 'set variable' node before each 'GD/CED' node, it's a huge task to complete you know. Though it's choice, but who doesn't want to avoid this?

My CVPs don't have VXML server, VXML is running on the gateways, so #2 isn't my choice.

Can I use my CVPs or gateways with/without little changing at ICM scripts?


Re: Detailed CED Input Report, IPCC Enterprise

You may be able to see the results in the CVP logs - perhaps not at the INFO level but maybe at the DEBUG level.

But I do think you have to change your scripts and insert the set nodes - that way, you get the data saved in your HDS.