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differential RONA timings per label

Hi - does anyone have details on how to set up differential RONA timings on a call by call basis?


i know its possible via custom function since i've seen it in action, however this was on ICM script editor via webaccess so i only had the script editor & no access to  config mgr so couldn't see details of the user variables used within the function


for info what i'm after is the ability to send a call to a label which will ring for a set period (for example 40 seconds) then if no answer, overflow via requery to a second label & ring this label for (for example) 20 seconds before overflowing elsewhere.

(rationale  - we're a retail call centre. i want to send calls to store customer service desk & ring for 40 secs. if no answer, overflow to store duty manager for 20 secs. if no answer, call will be presented to call centre agents via normal skillgroup set-up)

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