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Digit validation

I have a request to validate digits entered by callers. the expexted number of digits is five, am currently using an integer variable and setting the length to five to enforce 5 digits, using an if statement. The problem with that is that it works when callers enter less than five digits or five digits and if caller enters more than five digits, it takes the first five digits only and passes to to CAD where am using a macro run to perform a screen scrape and populate a search field in a database for callers information and return a screen pop to agent based on caller entered digits. My client wants to do an exact digit match, so that if caller enters more than five digit, we reprompt the callers that digits entered is incorrect, i have it working with less than five digits but not more than five digits, it always takes the first five and discard the rest. any thoughts

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Re: Digit validation

in the digit collection strip you can set the maximum to more than 5, i.e. 20, then under the unsuccessful branch you can check how many digits were entered by using len function and if it's 5 continue on, otherwise go back to collect digits again. Keep in mind that the callers will experience an inter-digit timout when entering 5 digits as the script expects 20, so I would suggest making the interdigit timout low i.e. 2 seconds.



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