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Direct Preview Outbound Campaign Answer Machine issue UCCX


So running uccx version

We've configured an outbound campaign using Direct Preview.

Contacts are loaded and being presented to agent fine however when the agent hits an answering machine and tries to classify it in CAD the contact gets put back into the contact list at the top of the queue and keeps getting presented.

We have 10 agents logged in and now that 10 answering machines have been hit the same 10 contacts keep looping amongst agents and the rest of the list is being ignored. It won't move passed the 10 contacts with answering machines just keeps presenting them over and over.

Question I have is the answer-machine button supported under direct preview and is there any way to get this to classify the contact.

If we have them discard the contact they will have to do this for every answer-machine they hit (data pool and results will be screwed)

Any input welcome.

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