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Display Caller Data on IP Agent Phone

we are trying to display ANI, DNIS and Calls in queue on the IP Phone of an agent. We have IPCCX 5.0.1. We have created the Set Enterprise Call Info step and when we do reactive debug all the parameters get the right value. The problem is that it does not display on the Agents IP Phone. However, when we press CData (caller data) softkey on the agent's phone the info is displayed.

We are not using CAD, we only have IP Phone Agents.

Please help....

Cisco Employee

Re: Display Caller Data on IP Agent Phone


currently for IPPA product you need to press CDATA softkey to see those info displayed.

It will be challenging to get all the info in a screen popup and would request eventually extensive customisation, do not know anybody that did this so far.



New Member

Re: Display Caller Data on IP Agent Phone

Hi there,

When after you create the telecaster user (as an application user) with a password of telecaster you have to associate all of the agents phone with it.

PS: You also have to add the "Standard CTI enabled" to the user so that it can automatically push the pages.

What nice about it is that it pushes it before answering the call and it also "keeps" it on the screen after picking up!!!


Nick Mansour

New Member

Re: Display Caller Data on IP Agent Phone

Can you tell me what telecaster is? I also have IP Phone agents and I would like to display data. I'm new at the UCCX experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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