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Display calls in queue on 7940

Hi does someone know how can i display calls in queue on ip phone 7940, what do i have to do, i would like it like real-time reporting stats, but on tel, can i use stats service from jsp folder somehow, do i have to connect to database, what tables...

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Re: Display calls in queue on 7940


Re: Display calls in queue on 7940

Yes, I've done this with some success with CRS 3.5.

Basically, the steps are:

Create an HTTP trigger (IPCCX Premium required) which runs a script. In this script use the "Get Reporting Statistic" Step to fetch the CSQ stats you want to display (logged in resources, oldest contact in queue, average wait time, etc) and then use the Send JSP step to use a JSP template to send the results to a .JSP page which builds the resultant XML to display text on the IP Phone.

A sample JSP file (placed in the Tomcat Webapps/ROOT folder) would be:

<%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" %>


response.addHeader("Refresh","60; http://ipcc:8080/stats");



CSQ Stats

Agents Logged In: <%= parameters.get("LoggedUser") %>

Agents Ready: <%= parameters.get("AgentReady") %>

Agents Talking: <%= parameters.get("AgentWork") %>

Calls in Queue: <%= parameters.get("CallsQueued") %> Oldest: <%= parameters.get("OldestInQueue") %>s

Total Calls Handled: <%= parameters.get("TotalCalls") %>

In this instance, an HTTP trigger of /stats has been created (no trailing '/').

The "Set JSP" step maps the variables used in the "Get Reporting Statistic" steps onto the keyword values used in the JSP template.

Then create a phone service where the URL is that of the HTTP trigger and assign it to the phones, or make it the Idle URL of the phones.

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Re: Display calls in queue on 7940

Yes... but can you tell me how I can do that if I do not have IPCC Express but 'just' IPCC Enterprise? So I do not have an ICD...

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