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Document variable

I create a script which calls another script via subflow. The subflow script opens an xml doc, doing some checks and then return back to main script a boolean value.

What I want to do, is to pass to the subflow script a different filename each time. Is it possible to define the value of Document variable with another variable? Like DOC[variable]?

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Re: Document variable

Yes but not as you have shown it there. You can use the Create File Document step within your subflow script. The Filename parameter can be a concatinated string representing the XML document location in your document repository. Example:   "DOC[" + myFilename + ".xml]" where myFilename is the String-type variable you mapped into the subflow. Be careful about what folder you store the file in if you are using multiple languages. If the document should not change across all caller languages you may want to place it in the default folder. The MIVR engine will try that if it does not find a match withing the contact's language-specific folders.

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Re: Document variable

Thanks Jonathan for your help.

I changed my subflow script as you described. When I debug, I have an error that the system cannot find the file specified.

I load the file in Document\Default location.

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