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Does the TCD or RCD record contain a code that designates the Termination Type?

We are creating some reports by looking at the SQL tables and would like to know if there is a column that designates if the customer or the agent hung up the phone first?  If so, what is the column name and on what table will I find this data? 

Thank you for your response.


There is no reliable field in

There is no reliable field in TCD or RCD which can tell who disconnected call.

to some extent you can leverage the CallDisposition value available in TCD to find it out.

if the Routing Client is CVP and CallDisposition 52, You can conclude the Called Party from CVP perspective Dropped the call. and Called Party can be VRU leg or Agent Leg or Other External Number CVP connects customer to.

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Thank you so much.  We will

Thank you so much.  We will do some tests to continue to validate this.

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