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duplex PG deployment query

Dear Experts, 


 Please help me to understand 


 suppose we had deployed Unified CM as clustered over WAN and we have UCCE site A and Site B. is it possible to have independent duplex PG in each site. each site the agentPG's are connected to the CTI manager running in Unifed CM subscribers local to the site. i was searching in the SRND and design guide about the possibility of this kind of deployment (with single CUCM cluster) couldnt get much information. as I got from the document only one CTI manager will be handling the CTI operation in a single Unified CM cluster. 

UCCE version 8.5.3 

CUCM version 8.5


Please let me know if you required additional information to understand the setup.



Shalid K.C


Why exactly are you looking

Why exactly are you looking to do this kind of deployment?

Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the response. 

@ David,  if we deploy IPT clustered over IP WAN, will it help us to minimize the outage due to the instability of WAN between site A and site B.  and  also would like to know whether the Cisco does support this kind of deployment. 



Shalid, If you have this type



If you have this type of instability UCCE will not be happy. Regardless of where your PGs are located, you should still distribute side A and side B over the WAN.



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David is correct, you would

David is correct, you would need to review SRND for majority rule behavior as you may cuase more issues by having multiple PGs on each side, and the private/public link goes down.

But to answer your question it would be possible, yet creates additional challages anytime you have multiple CUCM PGs as then you need to split your agents across them, which affects skill group assignment, possibly requiring enterprise skill groups (works ok with precision queue if you were to go to 9.X+), agent teams which means a supervisor cannot see agents on another PG, etc.



Technically yes, i have seen

Technically yes, i have seen such kind deployment in one of the setup.

we have the CUCM cluster serving for 4 agent sites, each site has its own pair of subscribers and own pair of PG. The PGs and and Subscribers are not local but separated over the 2 central site through WAN. 

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