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Duplexed Central Controller Issue

I am working with a duplexed Central Controller setup as Roggers. The servers are located at geographically separated sites. When the ICM services are disabled on one server the MDS and CCAgent services go out of service on the other side. Is there a configuration setting that I'm missing?

Cisco Employee

Re: Duplexed Central Controller Issue

Most likely is the majority of devices, you need to have one side connected to a bigger number of PGs then the other one, so that they will realign and eventually allow the running site to stay in service, if your PG number is even, to make it odd, just add a "dummy" PG with no PIM enabled on the rogger itself and start it in the event you want to see it stay up.



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Re: Duplexed Central Controller Issue


Thank you so much for your speedy response! I really really appreciate that. That was a great though about what would be causing the problem. The issue was actually with the private network. We have been working with the client for some time to get the private network setup over the WAN and in the time being I had setup all of the private interfaces on the PG's to point to Visible Interfaces. I never went back and corrected the hostnames in the ICM setup to point at the private interfaces once we got that straightened out. Once I made those correcctions the issue was resolved. Thank you for your suggestion...I had not thought of that and it will be very useful to have in the back of my mind going forward. Thanks again and have a great day!

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