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Duplexed MR PGs

I have installed duplexed MR PGs against Email option. MDS process on BOTH sides shows up as 'isolated enabled' (I believe one side should show up as paired enabled the other paired disabled)However, only one side has pgagent 'active' When the 'active' side is taken down pgagent on the 'inactive' side goes active and the appropriate PIM comes up. All seems to work except for the MDS banner. (Both are isolated enabled) Is this normal for a MR PG? Any ideas on what might be wrong? The network connectivity seems fine. Pings and host name resolutions seem to work just fine.


Bruce Wilkinson


Re: Duplexed MR PGs

This can happen sometime when there is a packet drop or/and network congestion between PG and router. CCAG on router side is left in inconsistent state, believing that PG is connected when it's not. It is not service affecting as other PG has a good connection. In order to clear this, you can kill CCAG process on affected router side during call center closed hours and it should reconnect to all PGs. Please note that killing CCAG will disconnect ALL PGs from that router side, so it should be done when call center is closed.

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