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Dynamic String Prompt at run time


Dear Team,

 I need to generate string prompt at run time in cisco uccx 9.0 premium edition.

I am using the Created generated prompt and it works perfectly for numbers and dates. But there is no option for String variables.

Can you please help me with this.


Ammar Said



Can you elaborate on value

Can you elaborate on value this String consists of? What type of Generated Prompt are you trying to produce with this String?

Community Member

Hi Sam,As example, The string

Hi Sam,

As example, The string consists of "Available Balance".

I want the UCCX to play "Available Balance" as now it is playing "A V A I L A B L E B A L A N C E".

The type of generated prompt which is giving me this is Spelling. 

I want the type to be string to play them correctly as words and not characters.

Can you please help me with this?



You will not be able to use

You will not be able to use Create Generated Prompt to perform this. If you have Text to Speech you could: TTS[dynstr]. The cheapest way to do this is to record all these "dynamic" speech patterns such as Available Balance..and depending on what that String value the appropriate Recording:

dyn_string = "avalbal" (where recording name for this is avalbal.wav)

Prompt p = P[dyn_string] (Prompt type will look for files ending in .wav, others)

Hope this helps..

Community Member

 Hi Sam,The issue that the


Hi Sam,

The issue that the prompts are dynamically changes based on the user account and his and every user has different accounts with different transactions,etc.. so the number of possible prompts are high.

e.g  the script should play the below sentence to an user,  

"Cash withdrawal with Value 20 US Dollars dated in 25.Feb.2014"

 different user will hear different prompt based on his transactions.

Then should i have TTS server integration to be able to do this

like integration with Nuance?


Ammar Said


I have done these types of

I have done these types of IVR self service messages and I don't see the need to use TTS. For these types of messages you should be able to pre-record some of the messages as the below demonstrates the Prompts that end in *.wav would be your standard pre-recorded messages with other dynamic messages concatenated together to produce the message you presented.

P[cashwithdrawal.wav] + delay + $[Variable] + delay + P[dated.wav] + (P[] + DateVariable)

"Cash withdrawal with value"+pause+"Twenty Dollars"+pause+"dated in"+"February 25th Two Thousand Fourteen"

This naturally creates a "Concatenated Prompt" is a screencapture of what the play prompt step would look like (I understand the Date Prompt wouldn't necessarily be today's date(new Date())..this just serves as an example of how to create a Generated Date prompt without using that particular Step in the Editor).

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