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I have an IPCC express version 4.0 and I am wondering How can I change the announcement for hold times when I am in queue from the number of seconds to minutes. So right now it says your hold time is 120 seconds. I want it to say 2 minutes. Is that easy to change?




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Re: Easy Question

Create an integer variable and use a Set step with the expression editor to divide the number of seconds by 60 and then use this value in a generated prompt.

Ideally, you could do with a mathematical 'ceiling' function (the smallest integer not less than x). For example, the result of INT(119/60) is 1 when the true wait time is closer to 2 minutes.

Assuming your wait time is in a variable 'waittime' (in seconds), then the wait time, rounded using the ceiling function is found by: -1 * INT (-1 * (waittime/60))

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can you show an example of how to implement this function in IPCC Express 4.0? I can make this function work like a champ in Excel, but I'm not sure how to implement it in the CRS expression editor. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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For every minute, 30 sec and above, add .5 and take the integer

do this

Define intMinute as Integer

fltSeconds as float

Set Step

Variable. MinuteValue

Value. (fltSeconds/60.0+.5)

The set will Cast the result(float) to an integer

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Thanks for the info... It works using your info, but I had to tweak it just a little.

intSeconds = Get Reporting Statistic(Avg Wait...)

set fltSeconds = intSeconds.floatValue()

set intMinutes = (fltSeconds/60.0+ .5)

That gets my intMinutes converted from the floating point to the integer successfully. It works great. Thanks for the assistance!


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glad to steer you in the direction

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Would you be able to save me a whole lot of time and effort and send me this script please? I would really aprecciate it.

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