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ECC Variables & IP-IVR

Is there any documentation with examples on how to configure passing down variables from a call that has been first processed through IP-IVR that someone can point me to I have as of yet found nothing that explains the process end to end? I am trying to pass down various string data to CTIOS Toolkit clients depending on the IP-IVR script that has been accessed and so far the documents that I have found have not worked.


Re: ECC Variables & IP-IVR


You can pass down variables between the IPIVR and ICM using the script nodes 'Get/Set Enterprise Call Info' in the Call Contact set in CRS script editor.

You can use too the Expanded Call Variables in IOCC/ICM ,but ypu need to set up those variables in CRS script editor in the 'Settings'->'Expanded Call Variables' in the acript Editor.

You can inform to ICM if the IVR script was worked fine or not using the 'ICM Result' node in the ICM set in CRS script editor. If you set this node to true, this means that the 'Run VRU script' node in ICM Script Editor uses the 'true' leg to go on with the ICM script execution. If you set the node to 'false' the ICM script node goes pon on the false leg.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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