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EDMT Upgrade - IPCC6 to 7.x


Could somebody let me know the options available for the EDMT SQL database export/import phase i a tech refresh upgrade. The upgrade guide talks about placing the two Loggers on the network and using EDMT on the target server to obtain a backup of the SQL database, presumeably over the network.

However, in a scenario where you are trying to keep the same IP addressing this could be problematic yet I see no mention of this issue in the upgrade guide. I can see a number of possible ways around this, but I'd like to see what other folks are using and what might work with EDMT. Here are some options that I'd like to determine if they are possible candidates:

1) Use temporary IP address on target logger and then readdress afterwards

2) Point EDMT at a backup of the SQl database

3) Take a disk from the logger, put it in new target machine as a data disk and point EDMT at this data

In cases 2 and 3 can you simply use EDMT for the resore process, or would you have to use it to create the backup too? I assume EDMT just creates a standard SQL backup? The docs seem to imply it checks the source server so it seems EDMT needs to see the source server.




Re: EDMT Upgrade - IPCC6 to 7.x

I'm actually beginning to research a similar scenario. The target device in my case will be in an isolated lab network. I'm thinking I could simply build the server in prod with Win2k3 and SQL2000 outside of any domain. Then physically move this to the lab environment, join the domain, and install UCCE 7.0.

Again, I'm just beginning to research this. I'll definitely chime back in if I come across anything that may help you out.


Re: EDMT Upgrade - IPCC6 to 7.x

We just ran through this scenario in our lab. We took a SQL backup of the SideA and HDS database and then did a subsequent SQL restore on the target server. We then ran EDMT in Common Ground mode. Worked fine.

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Re: EDMT Upgrade - IPCC6 to 7.x


You did this in your lab but are planning to do this for your production upgrade as well?  Is the only benefit not having to deal with the source and destination parameters?



Re: EDMT Upgrade - IPCC6 to 7.x

No, this won't be necessary in production since the existing servers and new servers can communicate. The strategy above was necessitated only by the fact that the target and destination could not connect.

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