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EIM 4.3.2 - Action on Spam Email


We have two different business units on EIM, and one would like to have their SPAM email just written to file, and the other group would like their SPAM mail forwarded over to a different email address so they can look at it later.

I opened a Cisco ticket on this, as you cannot reset this setting (Acton on Spam email) at the administrator level down to the department level. Unfortunately, no luck as this cannot be set at the department level. (Which I have no idea why they would do this, as it makes sense that different departments would like to handle the spam that comes in on their alias's differently)

Has anyone found any kind of work around for this? My thoughts are to write an application that would read the SPAM report, parse it based on alias's, and then create emails out of this spam file to send over to the other business unit's email box. This would be a lot of work, and the SPAM output report isn't documented so it would be a best guess effort to parse it.



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Re: EIM 4.3.2 - Action on Spam Email

Some setting groups are allowed at Partition level(

From Page 29). Email size, action on spam is specific to partition and cannot be set at lower levels. Analogous to having different spam capabilities for an Outlook account rather than a corporate policy.

If one department needs spam emails for review, could you not remove the conditions that deem it as SPAM for that particular department and allow it to flow through? Since at partition level the emails are written to a file, if you are redirecting to another address going to the second department then we could remove the conditions that deem it to be spam.

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Re: EIM 4.3.2 - Action on Spam Email

Thanks Karthik,

In our case, the one group wants to review the spam emails pertaining only to them (based on their personal alias's), and not have anything to do with the other group, as it could potentially double their workload in 'spam' processing.


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